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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A new twist

Product placement in every day life…weird, right? But no, its already here.

Last March, Pontiac joined together with the reality show Survivor and created an interesting twist: Pontiac challenged the viewers to look for former Survivor contestants driving their Pontiacs around the country (

Pontiac ran 15 second spots at the end of each episode of Survivor promoting this contest. Each time a contestant was spotted and reported on the website, the person received an entry to the contest to win a Pontiac.

So now we’ve moved onto putting products as advertisements in every day life. It seems a little far fetched, a little strange, doesn’t it? However, I believe that not only is it brilliant, but its not strange at all. First and foremost, people are now actively looking for your brand in their life. They’re searching you out. Secondly, we all wear shirts with brand names stamped on them, we all drive cars with logos on them. We’re walking advertisements to begin with, so why not push people to pay more attention?


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